Nana’s Deceit Finally Exposed!

It is with great concern that we as the NDC note reports on Nana Akufo-Addo’s emails which have been leaked and surfaced in the media. The correspondence shows once and for all, the contempt that Nana holds for the people of Ghana and the best interests of the country. Nana’s deceit has finally been exposed.

The people of Ghana MUST pay attention.

These email conversations between Akufo-Addo, Maxwell Adjei, Ken Ofori-Atta, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko and others refer to Nana’s apparent plan to move the national capital from Accra, to the Eastern region. The correspondence suggests that the move would be fulfilling the dream of Nana’s late father, Sir Edward Akufo-Addo.

A vanity project, wasting our country’s money!

This unnecessary plan would be tremendously wasteful and irresponsible, resulting in unprecedented squandering of the country’s resources. The money spent on this apparent 6-year project could be better used to improve our power, build hospitals and schools, and to feed our people!

Deceit and disrespect

Indeed, Nana seems to understand that this plan is likely to be unpopular as he cautions his correspondents to keep the plan confidential as it would “risk incurring the wrath of the Gas and hurting our chance of winning the election. We shall implement once we get into office”.

This is Nana’s deceit unmasked at last. Making promises of change – but keeping the details of that change, and enormous implications for our economy and stability, from the people of Ghana is unconscionable. Nana goes on to say “My Ga in-laws have wasted the privilege of hosting the capital” … “A very irresponsible lot. Defecating all over the beach…” “I am sickened anytime I have gone there to campaign”.

Here is what the man who would be president thinks of the people of Ghana. In his own words, here is the truth of Nana.

Is Ghana being sold for campaign funding?

Further correspondence from Maxwell Adjei refers to his organising for Nana to meet with top multinational companies in the UK who are interested in the oil sector – “They are ready to inject money into your campaign”.

Who are these multinational companies and what is Nana promising them, in order to increase his campaign coffers?

We as the NDC are horrified at the revelations in this correspondence. The sheer lack of respect that Nana shows for the people of the country and the lack of integrity as evidenced by his attempts to conceal his plans must prove to be a wake-up call for his supporters, and the people of Ghana.

Is THIS the change you want?

Nana has promised change. At last we see the kind of change he means. Change that will undo the years of hard work we have put in, all the progress Ghana has made in the last four years, merely on a shallow whim of his own.

We have now been shown, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how an NPP government would operate.

People of Ghana, we CANNOT allow this to happen.