Peaceful Elections are everyone’s responsibility!

Peaceful elections are everyone’s responsibility! We as the NDC believe in our democracy, and the right of every person to vote in confidence without fear or intimidation. We believe in the right of every Ghanaian to vote in safety without fear of their lives. We believe the Ballot Box is sacred, and we believe in the sanctity of the ballot.

We call upon all Ghanaians to vote in peace. We respect every individuals right to vote according to their own conscience. We believe in the power of the ballot and we call upon all citizens to express their views through the ballot and NOT through violent exchanges.


We are a peaceful nation. We believe that as a nation we can vote in peace, confident of our safety.

Peaceful elections are everyone’s responsibility.


We the NDC call upon all our people: Please exercise your right to vote but do so in peace.


The safety of our children, our wives and mothers depend on you; and on safe peaceful elections for all of Ghana