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Educate a nation for long-term prosperity

Educate a nation for long-term prosperity

There are no shortcuts to economic growth and prosperity.

A successful and thriving nation, where all people have what they need and access to opportunities to better their own lives, does not come about by accident. It cannot be built on the back of empty promises or unrealistic pipe dreams. It also does not happen overnight.

Our economy, and the well-being of the people of Ghana, is dependent on many moving parts. Each of these factors directly affect how efficiently our country works, and how our people can create and then take advantage of opportunities to build the lives of their choosing.

A successful economy depends on the health of its people. It requires innovative industrialisation to keep the country moving into the future, and robust infrastructure to support it, including the basics such as power and sustainable energy. It requires deep and connected investment in job creation.

These are issues which we as the NDC are tackling head on, and we’ve seen great progress over the last four years. Now that the foundation is laid, the next four years will bring greater momentum and success towards achieving our goals.

Perhaps most crucially, a growing and sustainable economy that prospers into the future relies on having an educated and skilled workforce to power it.

This is why we have focused so intently on improving our education system and delivering quality education to more of our children. Not only for today, but also to ensure that those children have the knowledge and skills to grow into productive, effective members of our society who can contribute not only to the improvement of their own lives but the progress of Mother Ghana as a whole.

When you educate a nation, you build a nation’s wealth. We believe sincerely in the power of education to awaken the imagination and inspire innovation. It is upon this powerful idea that we have based our work in education over the past four years.

And yes, we have delivered. The facts show this.

Delivering the future safely into the hands of our children, through an excellent education, requires more than talk.

It takes experience, a real understanding of the challenges, innovative thinking and a solid plan for delivery.

This is what we have delivered. It is what we will continue to deliver over the next four years.

We have begun the work of making this progress a reality for Ghana, and we must continue this work in the years to come.

Our children’s future deserves nothing less.


Technical and Vocational Education and Training: The Way Of The Future

Technical and Vocational Education and Training: The Way Of The Future

We as the NDC understand the concerns of you, our youth.  We understand that you need education and training – but we also know that a university education is not the only route to success. We understand that technical and vocational education and training is the way of the future – and we are deeply invested in providing opportunities for you to discover the right job for you.

You as young people have a variety of interests, talents and ambitions – and in promoting TVET, we are ensured that we’re offering opportunities that cater to your diverse needs. Ensuring that our country has a diverse workforce of highly skilled artisans and tradespeople will mean keeping Ghana at the cutting edge of industrialization, development and progress. We know that our future is good hands with you!

Providing young people with skills to make a difference

A country cannot succeed without skilled tradesmen. Thus, we have heavily invested in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) so that our youth can be trained in crucial skills and trades. We have also invested on attracting young women to the technical fields, and are heartened to see them thrive in this arena.

We have worked hard over the past four years to promote this strategy, and now aim to create a stronger link between our TVET training and industry, making education and training relevant to the working world.

Please, young men and women, never believe the misconception that TVET is just an option for “school dropouts”. It is our mission to promote TVET as a viable and enviable route towards brighter prospects and employability for you.

Learning relevant, up-to-date skills that can be implemented from day one in your chosen field is an invaluable asset, that makes a skilled young person highly sought after by many employers.

TVET is a great route to success & prosperity

We know that countries that have well developed technical and vocational education are attracting more global production and generating more employment for their people.

Long term sustainable job creation for all our people, across all industries and fields is our ultimate aim!

We have created thousands of jobs through construction of modern school infrastructure, industrialization centres and the development of the National Vocational Training Institute, and invested $200 million in support  services to artisans. We’ve invested millions in grants to institutions and businesses through the Skills Development Fund to promote TVET.

In the coming years, we will implement the second phase of the Skills Development Fund to provide grants to over 120 private sector businesses to upgrade skills so that students like you have access to relevant modern technologies.

To create a smooth transition from high school to technical training, 30% of the new community senior high schools will be fitted with technical workshops and facilities to offer technical and vocational programmes.

This will also mean that our younger high school students have a chance to discover their vocational interests while still at high school, and are confident of their study and career choice when they leave school.

TVET offers opportunities to become an entrepreneur

TVET is an empowering, relevant and highly sought-after route to success. Whether you use your technical education to pursue a career with a large company or decide to break out and start your own business as an entrepreneur, you can be assured that your technical training will be making a difference not only to your own life and future, but to the success of our country as a whole.

The NDC has worked hard to create avenues for you to reach your dreams – grab hold of those opportunities and make it happen!

Ghana needs your bright minds and skilled hands!


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