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Electoral Commission News Release: Special Voting on 4 December 2016

The NDC wishes to draw our voters attention to the latest press release from the Electoral Commission Ghana regarding Special Voting. Please see below. Click here to view the original press release.


The Electoral Commission wishes to announce that at the end of the first day of Special Voting, the provisional turnout for each region is as follows:

GREATER ACCRA25,27316,47465.18
BRONG AHAFO13,71610,72178.16
UPPER EAST7,2546,32787.20
UPPER WEST2,9341,82862.30
NATIONAL TOTAL126,87592,23172.69


We wish to emphasise that the above figures are provisional at this stage.
As agreed at the emergency Inter-Party Advisory Committee meeting held on Thursday December 1, 2016, the Special Voting exercise will continue on Sunday December 4, 2016 in all 275 Constituencies.

This exercise is for the following category of voters:
1. Voters whose names are included in either the earlier Special Voters list or the updated one provided to the political parties.
2. Persons who transferred their vote and whose name appeared on the Special Voters list but who could not vote on December 1, 2016.
3. Persons who did not transfer their votes, but whose names appeared on the Special Voters list in the Constituency where they are registered to vote.
It must be noted that all voters whose names are included in the Special Voters List are legally part of the Absent Voters List at their original polling stations. Therefore, their barcodes would be deactivated and they will not be able to vote on December 7, 2016.

Consequently, we urge everyone in the above listed categories to take advantage of this opportunity to exercise their franchise.
Officers whose names are not on the Special Voters list at all should contact their respective commands to be deployed to the polling stations where they registered to enable them vote early on December 7, 2016.

The Commission wishes to appeal to all political parties, security agencies, the media and civil society to complement our efforts to raise awareness about the exercise to achieve a high level of participation.

Thank you.
Head of Communications
Email: mediaoffice@ec.gov.gh
Mob: 0242784675 / 0205635925

For more information, please visit the EC website.

Update for Special Voters

An Update for Special Voters


We as the NDC believe that Special Voters are crucial to smooth and successful elections, and we are so grateful for their service.  Some special voters have experienced challenges this week. We wish to ensure the people that there have been remedies put in place to address the challenges faced this week. Please read below for our update for special voters.

The Electoral Commission has announced that Special Voting will be continued on Sunday 4 December 2016.

These difficulties have highlighted the vital need for effective voter education, as in numerous cases it has been established that the Special Voters affected did not follow the correct procedures to ensure they could cast their vote this week.

The following background information may be helpful.

  • Special Voters may only vote in the constituency in which they are registered.
  • If this differs from the constituency in which they are stationed on voting day, they were accorded an opportunity to transfer their registration to the constituency in which they will be deployed.
  • Many voters it seems did not take advantage of this transfer window.
  • In addition, some security agencies did not submit a list of officers to take part in Special Voting and thus these voters were not included in the Special Voters list.


Extension of Special Voting: Make Sure You Get Your Chance To Vote

  1. If you DID transfer your registration, and your name appears on the Special Voters List, but were not able to vote on 1 December, you WILL be allowed to vote on 4 December
  2. If you did not transfer your registration, but your name DOES appear on the Special Voters List, you will be allowed to vote on 4 December, but ONLY in in the constituency in which you are already registered.
  3. 4 December will not be an opportunity to transfer your registration.
  4. If your name is NOT on the Special Voters List, you will not able to vote on 4 December
  5. If your name is NOT on the Special Voters List, you will still be able to vote on 7 December, provided you can travel to the consistency in which you were originally registered.
  6. For this reason, the Commission is urging security agencies to deploy affected people in areas close to the polling stations in which they are registered, to allow them to vote on 7 December
  7. If your name IS on the Special Voters List, it will be legally included on the Absent Voters List at your original polling station. Your barcode will be deactivated and you will be unable to vote on 7 December.


Our security and election officials are so important to our voting process. We must ensure that they all have the chance to exercise their democratic right to vote, and carry out their vital duties of keeping our elections safe and secure.


For full details on the Extension of Special Voting, Electoral Commission’s website here.